» housing manufactured from stainless steel » Controlled using light barriers which start the brushes
   material no. 1.4301    when the system is entered and turns them off once
» matt ground finish, grain 240    the system is exited
» automatic pass-through boot sole and boot shaft cleaner » Input and dosage of cleaning / disinfecting agent controlled
» for standard use in fixed direction of pass    using the injection port and suction hose which are hung
» The horizontal brushes clean the soles; the vertical    in the cleaning agent canister
   brushes clean the boot shafts » power connection 400 V, 1.25 kW
  » fully wired with 16 A CEE connector
  » water connection 3/4", water drain DN 50


Boot cleaner 6870301


Boot cleaner detail 1

Boot cleaner detail 2


Fig.Item no.Dimensions
in mm WxDxH
  6870301 1200x1600x1450 3 vertically and 2 horizontally rotating cleaning brushes

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