¬Ľ manufactured from aluminium material number AlMgSi0.5 ¬Ľ fixed box frame made of profile tubing 50x30 mm
¬Ľ mobile design with 2 fixed and 2 swivel castors, 1x with stop ¬†¬† (horizontal) and 30x30 mm (vertical) with support beams
¬Ľ with 4 longitudinal bars made of profile tubing 80x30 mm ¬†¬† 30x20 mm
¬Ľ distance between bars 67 mm ¬Ľ filling level 700 mm
¬† ¬Ľ load capacity 1000 kg

Aluminium box pallet, mobile Item no. 778824LRK0




Item no.

Dimensions in mm WxDxH

 1  778824LRK0 1200x800x930