¬Ľ manufactured from stainless steel material no. 1.4301 ¬Ľ One set contains 2 wall rails of 735 mm in length an 2
¬Ľ matt ground frinish, grain 240 ¬†¬† wall consoles per shelf
¬Ľ shelves with upstand at back ¬Ľ Wall attachement materials are not included
¬Ľ The height of the shelves can be adjusted using ¬†¬† in delivery
   the wall rails  

Shelving system A59 with 2 shelves


  Shelving system A59 with 3 shelves



Item no. Shelf set
 1  with 2 shelves
Item no. Shelf set
 2  with 3 shelves

shelves in mm WxD

Item no. Additional
shelf incl. 2 wall consoles
A5930802 A5930803 800x300 A593080B0
A5930102 A5930103 1000x300 A593010B0
A5930122 A5930123 1200x300 A593012B0
A5930142 A5930143 1400x300 A593014B0
A5930152 A5930153 1500x300 A593015B0
A5940802 A5940803 800x400 A594080B0
A5940102 A5940103 1000x400 A594010B0
A5940122 A5940123 1200x400 A594012B0
A5940142 A5940143 1400x400 A594014B0
A5940152 A5940153 1500x400 A594015B0



Additional wall rails

Item no.Length
A591575WS 735 mm
A591510WS 985 mm
A591515WS 1470 mm


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