¬Ľ manufactured from stainless steel material no. 1.4301 ¬Ľ completely welded design
¬Ľ matt ground finish, ground 240 ¬Ľ¬†stationary or mobile
¬Ľ stable design with tubular frame under upper board ¬Ľ mobile design has 4 swivel castors (2x with stop), D=125
¬Ľ with extra stable upper board material thickness 2.0 mm ¬†¬† mm, with rubber tyres and stainless steel castor housing
¬Ľ flat upper board - 50 mm bevel on all sides ¬Ľ ground clearance stationary design 150 mm
¬Ľ with continuous bracing ¬†¬† mobile design 130 mm
¬† ¬Ľ stationary with adjustable plastic gliders for balancing out
     ground unevenness

Machine table 73503FB





Fig.Item no.Dimensions in mm
  7350300 680x680x850 stationary
  7350400 850x850x850 stationary
 1  73503FB 680x680x850 mobile
  73504FB 850x850x850 mobile