» manufactured from aluminium material number. AlMgSi0,5 » load capacity 1000 kg
» design with horizontal bars » optionally availabel with confinement profile see image 3
» frame and bars consist of double chamber profiles    (item number contains extra letter "B")
   80x30 mm or 100x20 mm  
» availabel with legs or skids  
   (suitable for transport on conveyor belts)  
Aluminium flat pallet with longitudinal bars Item no. 772883LK


Aluminium flat pallet with longitudinal bars Item no. 772183LF


Aluminium flat pallet with longitudinal bars and confinement profile



Item no.
with skids

Item no.
with legs

Dimensions in
mm WxDxH

Dimensions of longitudinal
bars in mm WxDxH

of bars

Distance between
bars in mm

 1  772883LK   772883LF 1200x800x150 80x30 3 100
  772884LK   772884LF 1200x800x150 80x30 4 64
  772885LK   772885LF 1200x800x150 80x30 5 40
  772813LK   772813LF 1200x1000x150 80x30 3 150
  772814LK   772814LF 1200x1000x150 80x30 4 104
  772815LK   772815LF 1200x1000x150 80x30 5 73
  772816LK   772816LF 1200x1000x150 80x30 6 51
  772183LK  2  772183LF 1200x800x150 100x20 3 75
  772184LK   772184LF 1200x800x150 100x20 4 40
  772113LK   772113LF 1200x1000x150 100x20 3 125
  772114LK   772114LF 1200x1000x150 100x20 4 80
  772115LK   772115LF 1200x1000x150 100x20 5 50


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