» manufactured from stainless steel material no. 1.4301 » load capacity: 30 kg on 1000 mm when load is
» triangular smoking stick "star profile"    spread evenly
» Rack width: 26.5 mm, height: 22.5 mm » can also be delivered in other lengths
» with minimum burr » available either with or without indentations
» manufactured from cylindrical tubing with welded ends  

Stainless steel smoking sticks 7381400K-1000




Item no. with indentations
on all edges

Item no. without

Length in mm

  7381400K-0800 7381400G-0800 800
  7381400K-0900 7381400G-0900 900
 1  7381400K-1000 7381400G-1000 1000